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  (1) Improve and effectively handle the contradictions among the people under the new situation. The key is to adhere to and develop the "Fengqiao Experience" in the new era, explore ways to create more reliance on the grassroots level, mobilize the masses, and resolve local contradictions among the people on the spot, so as to achieve normalization and long-term prevention and resolution. The first is to insist on moving the gate forward and preventing at the source. The key to the realization of "no small things go out of the village, no big things go out of town, no contradiction is turned in", the key is to focus on the front line of defense, forward-looking governance, front-end control, and early-stage disposal. And rights protection channels, and strive to resolve contradictions at the grassroots level. Focusing on improving the petition system, promoting the legalization, informatization, and scientificization of petition work, promoting the system of large-level visits by leading cadres, especially city and county cadres, and exploring new ways of petition work with Chinese characteristics. The second is to adhere to joint coordination and diversification. The working system of people's mediation, administrative mediation and judicial mediation is a non-litigation dispute settlement method with Chinese characteristics. It is necessary to improve the institutional mechanism of resource integration, scientific shunting, and effectiveness docking to achieve the "three-tune" linkage. We will improve the comprehensive mechanism for the prevention and mediation of social conflicts and disputes, and resolve various conflicts and disputes in a variety of ways. The third is to persevere in guiding and fostering a mentality. Improving the social psychological service system and crisis intervention mechanism is to meet the actual needs of social transformation. It is necessary to improve the work system and the work network, and according to the different situations of different groups of people, targeted help and help, psychological counseling, legal aid, to maximize the dispel of social stigma, and to build self-esteem, self-confidence, rational peace, and a positive social attitude.Projects that make money at home,

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Projects that make money at home,  From secretly instigating provocations to openly shirtless, the United States has never stopped intervening in Hong Kong affairs. The passage of the so-called "Hong Kong Bill of Rights and Democracy" is even more explicit in supporting the anti-China chaos forces. The fundamental purpose is not just to destroy Hong Kong, but to try to contain China's development with Hong Kong affairs.