Han Chao

  Beijing Youth Daily reporter noted on the 4th that recently, Li Jinbin, the secretary of the Anhui Provincial Party Committee, published an article entitled "Unswervingly Eradicate Formalism and Bureaucracy" in Qiushi.ethereum classic or litecoin,

Shindo Junshi

ethereum classic or litecoin,  [ Global Times reporter Liu Xin Fan Lexus ] Il Yue 16 , the United States, "New York Times" published reports that obtained from the office about "politicians" China 403 "inside the Chinese government classified documents" page that involve a number of so-called " The "internal speech" and "instructions and reports on the control of the Uighur population in Xinjiang" were uproar in the western public opinion field, which believed that this proved that "China is using persecution camps to persecute Uighurs." 12 Yue 3 , the "Global Times" reporter was informed that the National Institute of Jinan University Communication and governance researcher Zheng Liang published an article entitled "" leaked documents "and China's ethnic and religious policies," the academic report, he said the so-called " The authenticity of the "internal documents" cannot be verified. At the same time, he believes that the contents of the "New York Times" report cannot provide valid evidence for similar claims such as "the Chinese government 'suppresses Islam and persecutes ethnic minorities'".